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You've paid for your health insurance so why pay again. Our doctors work with your health fund so you don't pay any more. 

Everything the Healthcare Collective does is about supporting the patient. From our expert care, our friendly staff and most importantly delivering speedy patient outcomes. Part of this focus on patients is why we offer "No gap" or "no out of pocket" colonoscopy for privately insured patients*.

We are based in northern Sydney at the prestigious Sydney Adventist Hospital.

To get a no gap colonoscopy or endoscopy see your GP for a referral and send it to us.



Want to know more about colonoscopy?

*Medical staff will not charge a gap (anaesthetist/ gastroenterologist) for procedures for patients with private health insurance. Hospital excess and pathology fees may be charged for some patients depending on your insurance coverage.


 Call us 1800 59 22 33 or or send your referral to us:

email: or fax: (02) 80790665

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